Introducing this new experience.


Simply light your candle for no more than 20 minutes. In the time the aromas of ginger & black pepper will soothe the senses, As well as the relaxing crackling sounds of the wooden wick.


Blow out the flame and let sit for 60 seconds. Then pour the massage oil into your palm and spread evenly.


You can use this on yourself or somebody else.


There are also added skin nourishing benefits from the shea & coco butters.


Once you are finished with your candle leave to set firmly before storing away, and always cover with a lid to protect the candle from dust.



Contains: Vegetable Soy, Grapseed, Coco butter, Shea Butter, Black Pepper, Ginger & Sage/Vegan vanilla fragrance


Original version not Suitable for pregnant women

The Massage Candle